SoccerTech Pro Trainer

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  • Automatic Ball Feed – Up to five balls at 2-1/2 to 15-second intervals.
  • Portable – Powered by built-in rechargeable battery for up to two hours of playing time.
  • Throws soccer balls over 40 yards.
  • Balls can be served over 60 mph.
  • Serves Crosses, ground balls,  and air balls.
  • A great product for individuals, small groups, and teams to get 100's of shots such as: volleys, half-volleys, receiving crosses, heading, and one-touch finishing.
  • Goalkeepers will gain confidence with Crosses, air balls, catching, and diving.
  • Servers both size 5 and size 4 soccer balls.
  • Optional External Battery Pack – For up to two additional hours. Includes a rugged carrying case with strap, and its own Smart Charger. ($195)
  • Optional Air Pedal Remote – start and stop ball delivery from up to 80 feet away. ($80)